10 Christmas Picture Ideas for Siblings

Are you wondering what to do for holiday photos this year? Looking for some inspiration? Sibling photos are always such a challenge, attempting to keep the kids still during or having them look towards the camera. To make it a little easier, we found 11 adorable pictures on Instagram that you can steal some inspiration from.

Matching Outfits

There is nothing cuter than matching outfits, that is unless they’re matching pyjamas. Find some Christmas themed pyjamas, Santa hats and matching poses to recreate this precious scene. 

In Front of The Christmas Tree

Nothing is easier and more festive than having your Christmas photos in front of the Christmas tree. Have your kids try a cute pose like this one for some captivating Christmas cards.


Why not have some fun with the kids and bake during your photoshoot. Plus you can bribe them with the sweets after to get some quick and easy pics. 

In Front of The Fire

I love this photo for the use of props. The train set adds some dimension to the picture making it visually stimulating and the matching red sweaters make for a cohesive theme.


This picture is my favourite. It’s such a relaxed picture of the kids, but at the same time you can see pure emotion on the older siblings face. When you capture moments like this they make for the make the best pictures.

In Bed

Another super cute picture. If you like the background in this photo, you can find a similar one here.

With Santa

If you don’t mind dressing up, why not include some photos with Santa? The use of green and red in their outfits really makes the photo pop and keeps the little one from blending in.

White Christmas

The pose they used in this photo adds a nice amount of dimension to the shot, plus the winter hats are a quirky little addition.

With Cookies

Milk and cookies waiting for Santa to arrive! The kids expressions in this photo are priceless and the milk and cookies make it look extra cute.

Tips for Sibling Christmas Pictures

Just incase you need a little more inspiration we have included a few tips to create the perfect Christmas photo.

1. Take it outdoors

I feel like pictures always look better outdoors so why not use that to your advantage. You could take pictures of the kids playing in the snow or getting a Christmas tree. The combination of being surrounded by snow and pine would make for a beautiful shot.

2. Create a fun activity for your photoshoot

Like the baking example why not create a fun and exciting activity for your photos! From baking to decorating the Christmas tree there are plenty of activities that will allow you to snap a real moment with unguarded smiles. 

3. Make them say silly words

Come up with a list of funny words and have your kids repeat them. They will be having fun and you will get some genuine smiles.

4. Give them a prop

A treat or toy could get you a really adorable photo and if not, at least they will be having fun.

5. Show Some Love

Have them kiss each other on the cheeks or lips, it will end up being a charming little photo.

Hope you found some new and fun sibling poses for your next photoshoot. If you are looking for some DIY backdrop ideas you can find them here.

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