11 Unbelievably Cheap And Beautiful Christmas Backdrop Ideas

It’s that time of year again, and as you prepare for the holiday season you may be wondering what to put on the family Christmas card. More specifically what are you going to do for the backdrop? Although this season is full of snow, family and food it’s also full of stress. So to help you out I scoured the internet to find easy, yet beautiful backdrops that you can use this holiday season. Since not everyone is a DIYer I made sure to include easy projects and backdrops that you can purchase for a quick fix.

DIY Christmas Backdrops

1. Faux Gift Wall

First on the list of DIY Christmas backdrops is a beautiful and bright faux gift wall from A Kailo Chick Life. Which by the way, if you’ve never visited her blog you definitely need to, she has a beautiful aesthetic. Anyways she came up with the idea to create a literal wall of gifts by using cardboard pieces and some wrapping paper, which could easily be customized to fit your style. This is a quick, easy way to create a fun backdrop for your next photoshoot.

Faux Wall Of Gifts Using Cardboard Boxes
Source: akaliochicklife.com

2. DIY Hot Chocolate Stand

I absolutely love this DIY hot chocolate stand its adorable and perfect if you have kids. Although this project may take a little more work than the faux gift wall, it’s still relatively easy. The stand will require some tools, wooden crates and If you wanted a rustic feel you could stain the wood.

3. Balloon Wall Backdrop

Fun, cheap and easy! This balloon wall is a quick project that would look visually stunning in any Christmas photo. The example below doesn’t use Christmas coloured balloons, but if you were to use white, gold and silver or red and green it could definitely work for a Christmas theme.

4. Gold Sequin Backdrop

Now this is a project! If you decide to create this gold sequin backdrop, be prepared to spend at least a few hours on this beauty. They mentioned it took them four hours to construct, but I also feel like this could work for both Christmas and New Years, so in the end it may save you time.

5. Ornament Backdrop

What says Christmas more than ornaments! I love this, I think it looks pretty, yet classic and  you can choose the type and color of ornaments to fit your style. This would work well in pictures, but I think it would look beautiful as an event backdrop.

6. DIY Finge Backdrop

Using plastic tablecloths KolorPop Designz managed to make a beautiful fringe backdrop. By simply switching out some colours this could easily work for a Christmas themed backdrop. Although she described it as an easy project, she did mention it was time consuming taking her about an hour pre row to complete.

How To Make A Backdrop Frame

And just incase you wondering how to create a backdrop frame, I included an instructional video to create a PVC one for under $20.

Microfibre Christmas Backdrops 

If your not the type to DIY we found some gorgeous microfibre backdrops from Kate Backdrop. Made from wrinkle resistant material that can be washed and dried, its a great solution that can be used year after year.

1. Christmas Gift Snow Tree Backdrop

Gift and white tree backdrop
Source: katebackdrop.com

2. Wood Lights Christmas Backdrop

rustic wood lights backdrop
Source: katebackdrop.com

3. Christmas Tree and Fire Backdrop

fireplace and Christmas tree backdrop
Source: katebackdrop.com

4. White Christmas Backdrop

White wood crate backdrop
Source: katebackdrop.com

5. Rustic Christmas Backdrop

Rustic backdrop with ladders and stars backdrop idea
source: katebackdrop.com

In addition to my favorites listed above there are plenty more available on their website and they also offer rubber floor mats for photography.

* Please note we are not affiliated with Kate Backdrop nor have we vetted their products, so please ensure that you do your own research before purchase.

Hopefully you found some ideas and don’t forget to leave your photos in the comments below!

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