Vintage 4th of July Decorating Ideas: For A Perfect Independence Day Weekend

Independence Day weekend is around the corner, and you have to decided on a vintage 4th of July theme. It’s a classic choice that is sure to impress your guests. The problem is, now you have to decorate and you don’t know where to start. To awe your guests with an elegantly decorated celebration, but not break the bank, I have complied a list of the top design ideas including floral arrangements, some Etsy finds and DIY decorations.

First on the list, some money-saving DIY projects. Most of these projects are cheap and easy to make, but still give you that refined vintage feel. 

DIY Vintage Decoration Ideas

1. Vintage American Flag

Source: Copyright 2015 Crown Media Family Networks/Photographer: Jeremy Lee

This gorgeous version of the American flag has a simple design and could easily be made in less than 20 minutes. The flag is made using fabric glue, white paint, a star stamp, wooden dowel, brass tacks, material cord of your choice and fabric including some denim. The look of the flag is customizable based on the type of fabric that you use and could be placed both indoors or outdoors. I think it would look particularly stunning hanging on a porch, and used year after year. If you’re interested in creating this masterpiece watch the Hallmark’s video posted below.

2. Vintage Rag Wreath

Since you already have to purchase fabric for the American flag, why not use the extra to create a wreath too! This patriotic wreath from Beyond The Aisle is a simple DIY project that can be recreated according to your style. Both the flag and wreath complement each other and would be a perfect addition to your vintage style celebration. The supplies required for this project include a wire hanger, sewing scissors, denim, burlap, and gingham fabric. 

Source: Beyond The Asile

3. Vintage Flag Table Runner

To dress up your table Everyday Dishes created a burlap American Flag runner. The burlap is perfect for creating a vintage feel and the project is relatively simple to create. In addition to purchasing a wide strip of burlap you will also need; star stickers, blue and red spray paint, painters tape, scissors, tailor’s chalk, and a yardstick. 


4. Vintage Soda Crate Centrepiece 

This DIY requires a vintage soda crate, some empty mason jars, lace doilies, and miniature American flags. To spruce it up a bit more, add some baby’s breath flowers for an exact replica of Clover House’s adorable centerpiece!


5. Vintage Flag Window

If fabrics not your thing, but you happen to have an old window and some paint lying around, this beautifully painted window from U-Create Crafts may be a good project for you. With an old window at your disposal the project itself requires few supplies. A window, paper, and some red, white, and blue paint are all you need to get started. 


5. Vintage 4th of July Garland

I am really feeling the fabric theme with this article, so in addition to the first two creations, I have added a fabric garland to the list too! Honestly, creating three projects all out of fabric is a huge money saver! The design requires hemp rope, fabric and scissors, head on over to We’re Bright At Home for step by step instructions.

Vintage Decorations (If you’re not a DIYer)

1. Vintage Home Sign – Etsy

This American Flag “Home” sign has a worn, rustic look that can be used for your Independence day decorations or year-round as a charming addition to your home. BUY NOW

2. Burlap Pillow Cover – Etsy

To spruce up your living room in a festive Independence day theme, these burlap pillow covers will add a little bit of American flare. BUY NOW

3. Patriotic Rolling Pins – Etsy

These mini rolling pins are adorable! For only $10.00 they are a steal, all of your guests will asking about them. BUY NOW

4. Wooden Patriotic Bead Garland – Etsy

Red, white and blue with tassels on the end, these wooden beads would make a great accessory to any Independence themed celebration. BUY NOW

5. Red, White & Blue Party Confetti -Etsy

Add a sprinkle of confetti to your table setting to really set the mood. BUY NOW

6. Mini Wooden Signs – Etsy

These mini wooden signs would be perfect to display at a food bar or buffet, adding just a touch of patriotism. BUY NOW

7. American Flag Coasters

Last but not least, these bright and bold American Flag coasters will bring your table to life. If you prefer a more subtle style they also have them in a patriotic star print. BUY NOW

Vintage Flower Decorations

If you choose to decorate with floral arrangements for the Independence day weekend take some inspiration from the following blue, red and white flowers. All of these flowers can be purchased from Flower Moxie here.

Blue Thistle

Pale blue with earthy greens, blue thistle would make a lovely addition to any vintage floral arrangement. BUY NOW


Baby’s Breath

I feel like baby’s breath is the classic vintage flower. Delicate and white with earthy green stems brings memories of green pastures and sunny days. BUY NOW



This gorgeous flower has a vibrant red color and wispy leaves. It would pop in any arrangement.

I believe a floral arrangement of thistle, baby’s breath and poppies would make a stunning Independence day decoration.

Tweedia (Blue)

Leafy and pale blue, Tweedia looks as though it’s been plucked straight from the garden. This flower has an earthy, vintage feel. BUY NOW


White Anemone

Part of the poppy family, Anemone is graced with elegant white petals and a contrasting bold centre. BUY NOW


Red Ranunculus

This beautiful flower has a deep red color with layers that give it a ruffled appearance, and vintage vibe. BUY NOW


Blue Tweedia, White Anemone, and Red Ranunculus would also make a gorgeous arrangement for your 4th of July celebrations.

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