4 Legitimately Awesome Nontraditional Thanksgiving Day Themes

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. It’s all about food, family, and friends…..did I mention food? Although the meals are amazing, it’s equally as much fun to decorate for! There are so many different themes that you can go with and today I would like to share four that I know you will love! 

I went with two classic Thanksgiving themes, rustic and vintage farmhouse. I also included an elegant theme, and for all you girly girls a blush Thanksgiving theme.

1. Rustic Thanksgiving Theme

A rustic theme for thanksgiving is exactly what you would expect from the holiday. Lots of wood and warm colors, exactly like autumn. The theme goes perfectly with the food; pumpkin and apple pie, cranberries, the combination of deep red, orange, and browns brings everything together.

To make your Thanksgiving celebration a rustic one, take some inspiration from the photos below.

This table setting is so elegant, yet simple. Using wood slices, pine cones, small pumpkins, and taper candles it would take you minutes to set up, but it looks like it took hours. This traditional Thanksgiving table setting was created by the Joyful Growing Blog.

Source: joyfulgrowingblog.com

This rustic table placement was created for a wedding, but would make a lovely arrangement for Thanksgiving. The copper plates are gorgeous against the raw wood table and is complemented by the greenery in the middle. In almost all of these examples, taper candles were used and you can see why as they make an elegant addition to the table. Check out Whimsical Wonderland Weddings for all the details.

This is another gorgeous example of a rustic table setting from J Cathell, but with a completely different look. The feathers and animal accents give the table a more masculine aesthetic, but the long taper candles (which I love) keep some femininity. The plant that was used on the table ties in the Thanksgiving theme.

Source: JCathell.com

For a more modern take on a rustic theme In Love With A House created a simple table setting using some wood, candles, and painted pumpkins. The wood centerpiece and wicker placements create a rustic feel, while the painted pumpkins and plates add a modern touch. I just love the pale blue/green color she painted the pumpkins, they match the plates perfectly.

Source: inlovewithahouse.com

I love this table set up from See Vanessa Craft for a rustic theme. The burlap and lace garland is beautiful and would be easy to make. It complements the lace tablecloth on the buffet and the addition of the logwood slice adds to the rustic theme.

Source: seevanessascraft.com

Rustic Etsy Finds

If you loved the rustic Thanksgiving theme check out some of these Etsy finds below;

2. Vintage Farmhouse Thanksgiving Theme

The next Thanksgiving theme is your classic vintage farmhouse look. Still incorporating some rustic pieces, but using lots of white wood and lighter colors. It’s a brighter take on Thanksgiving.

I love this Thanksgiving setting, its simple and bright. The ceramic milk pots with plants are a gorgeous addition to the table and the dark painted pumpkin in the middle adds a stunning contrast. The plaid napkins with the coordinating table runner ties in the country theme. Be sure to check out Dress Corylinn for all the details on how to recreate this yourself.

Source: dresscorylinn.com

When you think of autumn and Thanksgiving, apples always come to mind. Apple pie, apple cider, apple cobbler, and the list goes on. That’s why this table setting using apples is not only a unique idea, but encompassing the very essence of Thanksgiving. I love this for sheer simplicity, yet the stunning beauty in it. Julie Blanner created this gorgeous table setting that could be recreated in minutes with a very small budget. It’s perfect for your next Thanksgiving dinner.

Source: julieblanner.com

This pumpkin and taper candle centerpiece, makes such a beautiful statement. The pale pastel colors used in this example are soft and flow so well with the rustic wood table. If you are interested in learning more about this table setup, you can find it at Society 19.

Source: society19.com

This charming country table setting is an example of how a few staple pieces can combine to make a gorgeous dinner placement. The white pumpkins give a vintage feel, that, combined with the white plates, checkered table runner, and acorns, create a beautiful country theme created by Hip And Humble Style.

Source: hipandhumble.com

Vintage Farmhouse Etsy Finds

If you liked the vintage farmhouse theme and are planning to recreate some of these looks check out some of these gorgeous Etsy finds below;

3. Elegant Thanksgiving Theme

White pumpkins are so elegant and beautiful, just perfect to use for a classy Thanksgiving theme. For those of you who are refined in your style choices, combining white with gold can create a very distinguished Thanksgiving look.

As you can see in the picture below Taryn Whiteaker uses white pumpkins and candle vases that have just a touch of gold to complete this sophisticated look. Having everything all white creates elegance while small pops of color add dimension to the table. She includes hints to Thanksgiving with the design of the candle holders and the wood beneath the plates.

Source: tarynwhiteaker.com

This next example from Fashionable Hostess is a simple design that uses white pumpkins and some foliage to create an understated elegance. By merely taking the time to design her napkins she cultivates a look of sophistication.

Source: fashionablehostess.com

If glamorous is your style, this table setting from Randi Garrett Designs does not disappoint. They used velvet pumpkins which give the table a luxurious appearance, that combined with the gold place settings and cutlery make for a stunning look.

Source: randigarrettdesigns.com

Elegant Etsy Finds

If you enjoyed these elegantly styled table settings, check out these Etsy finds below to create your own table;

4. Blush Thanksgiving Theme

I absolutely love the blush theme. It’s so out of the norm for what you would expect on Thanksgiving, and I think that is what makes it so great. It defiantly airs on a more feminine side with all of the light pinks, but could work for anyone who is looking for a light, bright and pretty theme.

I honestly have no words for just how beautiful this table setting is, I think it’s beyond stunning. The pink pumpkins coordinate with the flowers, while the orange painted pumpkins tie in the rustic elements. It is simply gorgeous. Be sure you check out Kara’s Party Ideas for all the details on how to create this look.

Source: karaspartyideas.com
Source: karaspartyideas.com

The next example is definitely a more toned-down version of the blush theme, using only hints of pink in the design. It is equally as beautiful though, I love how Chandelier And Champagne took the time to add a lttle blue sparkle to each of the white pumpkins on the plates.

Source: chandilerandchampagne.com

To carry the blush theme throughout your home, copy this look from Lombard And Fifth where she added pink pumpkin accents to her fireplace.

To add just a little something extra to your table setting, copy Something Turquoise and create these beautiful glitter ice cubes for your ice bucket.

Source: somethingturquoise.com

Blush Etsy Finds

To add some pretty pink to your Thanksgiving, discover some of these gorgeous Etsy finds;

I hope you found some inspiration for your Thanksgiving dinner. Looking for some Thanksgiving party favors? Be sure to check out this article.

And as a freebie, I have included a Thanksgiving party invitation that you can download free of charge! Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving everyone. xo

UPDATE: I have added an additional two FREE Thanksgiving invitations that you can view and download HERE.


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