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Space Birthday Party; Decorations, Food, Games & More

Are you looking for a birthday theme that is out of this world? If so, you have come to the right place! Planets, asteroids, astronauts, the list goes on. There are so many fun ideas that you can play with for a space birthday theme and we have covered them all! We found space-themed decorations, desserts, food, and games, so that you can plan your party with ease.

To create your space-themed party you will need decorations including balloons, space-themed paper plates, rocket pack balloons (optional, but really set the tone) party favors, a space-themed cake, some tin foil to wrap your food, NASA stickers and mini USA flags.

Space Themed Food

First on the list of we have the star of the party, food of course. Beautiful galaxy desserts, planet cakes, and space burgers, just to name a few. Since every birthday party requires a cake will start off with this gorgeous galaxy cake made by Also The Crumbs Please. I love anything galaxy and added quite a few of my favorites to this list, with blues, pinks, and purples its a perfect unisex cake, guaranteed to wow a crowd.


This space cake made by Cake Sussex is beyond adorable! The detail in the astronaut, moon, even the flag is incredible and I can imagine any kid would be thrilled to have it as their cake.


Macaroons always have bright beautiful colors, but these macaroons are a thousand times better! The galaxy design on them is impressive to say the least, and the best part is you don’t even have to make them. You can order them online through Etsy at Crumbs And Crumbles.

Source: Crumbs And Crumbles – Etsy

Ice cream donuts anyone? Rainbow Nourishments created this beautiful vegan galaxy donut recipe. These babies are naturally sweetened and colored, but the kids will never know! Take some inspiration from these for your space birthday party.


You can’t have cake without ice cream so why not make it galaxy ice cream! I hope you’re not getting sick of the galaxy food theme yet, because there are a few more to come, but check out this ice cream. It looks delicious and fits perfectly with the space theme, check out Dream A Little Bigger for all the details.


You can’t have an outer space party without having space-themed drinks! These galaxy drinks from Much Butter look bright and delicious. The purple and blue mix to make the most vibrant color.


For a creative way to make the main meal space-themed, copy Trend Land and wrap it in some tin foil using NASA stickers and flags.


Space Themed Decorations

Now that we’ve covered the food, its time to decorate! Inspired By This created a super adorable space-themed party by strapping plastic rockets to the backs of the kid’s chairs. The table cloth and rocket house can both be colored and I love the way she made the balloons look like smoke from the rocket.


The next theme created by Studio DIY is bright, vibrant and bold. The fluorescent colors pop and look beautiful. It’s eye-catching to a kid and could be used used for both a boy or girls party.


This space-themed party has a minimalist feel to it, but still looks super cute. The wood compliments the blue color palette and they incorporated it further by using wooden rockets on the plates and wooden decorations in the vases.


Space Themed Party Activities

You can’t have a birthday party without birthday games, and so last on the list are some space-inspired activities. There are a couple of activities that I included that are not necessary space-themed, but you could easily convert them into a “space” activity.

For our first activity I choose the classic party game – a piñata! I don’t think there is a kid in the world that doesn’t enjoy hitting a large stuffed toy full of candy. You could get all kinds of different piñata’s for this theme, I found a really cute rocket on Etsy, but other ones you could look for include a planet, alien, astronaut or moon.

Source: pinataandpartyshop – Etsy

Pocket Of Preschool has an entire space station setup and if you check out their website you could recreate it for your party. I liked their moon rock exploration the best. It’s such a cute idea and all you need is a box some rubber gloves and “moon rocks.”


The next game wasn’t made specifically with the space theme in mind, but it would be perfect for it! Bobbing for donuts could easily be made into a space game by making galaxy donuts and naming it “Catching a Planet”, “Catching a Star” or “Catching an Asteroid”. You simply hang donuts on a string at different levels and have the kids try and catch them with their mouths, no hands allowed though. See Ms Rachel Hollis for all the details on how to set up the game.


If you decide to play the bobbing with donuts game, see the video below for instructions to make them into galaxy donuts.

Next up, is an obstacle course. I personally would have a blast racing through an obstacle course, so I know it would be a hit for kids. To make it space-themed you could call it an “Astronaut Training Course” and include a trampoline for “gravity training” or a tunnel for “spaceship training.” Jac Of All Things created an awsome backyard obstacle course for her daughters birthday that you can take some inspiration from.


For another fun activity, why not make some moon rocks? The Crafting Chicks created the one below, it’s a super easy recipe and the kids could take them home as a souvenir.


If you want to go all out for your party why not include some outfits too. I found NASA training suits and an astronaut outfit that I think would be a great addition to any party. If you decided to create the astronaut obstacle course you could have the kids dress up in their NASA training suits for it. (I have no affiliation with these websites so please do your research if you decide to purchase something)

Space Themed Party Favors

Looking for some space-themed party favors? I found a few below that I thought would be hit with the kids.

Etsy Space Finds

I hope this list of space-themed ideas helps you to have an epic party and don’t forget to post your pictures below I always love to see them!

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