Top 10 Halloween Party Theme Ideas You Never Thought Of

Are you looking for some unique and fun Halloween party theme ideas? Well look no further because you will find everything you need here! This article is specifically tailored to adult party themes, but if you want some spooking kid friendly themes click here. 

With 10 different theme ideas, Halloween party names and some unique decoration ideas you will have all the inspiration you need to throw an epic Halloween house party!

When coming up with different theme ideas I drew a lot of my inspiration from horror movies because what is more Halloween then a good old thriller? But since I know horror is not everyone’s cup of tea, I have some fun bright and funny themes as well.

Top 10 Halloween Party Themes

  1. IT or Clown Halloween Theme
  2. Zombie Halloween Party Theme
  3. Masquerade Party Theme
  4. A Blast from the Past Halloween Party Theme
  5. Saw Movie Halloween Theme
  6. Day of The Dead Halloween Theme
  7. Scream Movie Halloween Party Theme
  8. Game of Thrones Halloween Party Theme
  9. Stranger Things Halloween Party Theme
  10. Murder Mystery Party Theme

Halloween Part Name Suggestions

  1. IT‘s A Halloween Party
  2. (Your Name or Last Name) of the Dead
  3. A Night of Mystery
  4. A Bash from the Past
  5. A killer Celebration
  6. Night of the Dead
  7. A Scream of a Good Time
  8. Halloween Is Coming
  9. Strange Things Are Happening At (Your Street Name)
  10. Murder on (Your street name) Street

1. IT or Clown Halloween Theme

Personally I have never been scared of clowns, but I know an awful lot of people that are. It probably has something to do with the fact that I never saw this movie when I was a kid. I kind of get it though, they do look creepy, especially when you see the examples below. Plus if you did have friends that are scared of clowns I’m sure this theme would be perfect for a little Halloween scare.

If you are extreme about Halloween and love going all out to make your house the scariest on the block. Check out Makezine’ s site on how to recreate this super creepy “funhouse”. Equipped with a giant evil clown door cover, and super creepy realistic clowns, you are sure to give your guests a fright.

IT funhouse giant clown face made to cover the front door
Creepy clown in a moving orange rocking chair

If you are really looking to scare your guests, take some inspiration from this slightly disturbing costume.

2. Zombie Halloween Party Theme Ideas

Popular in pop culture and for Halloween a zombie theme is a fun and an easy theme to re-create. This theme is great for costumes as you can have everyone dress up as a zombie or make it The Walking Dead theme and dress as characters of the TV series.

Paula from the Frog Prince Paperie created this zombie table set-up, complete with a brain cake which looks incredibly realistic.

Zombie table setting Halloween Party Ideas

For a different take on a brain cake, Cutefetti created this zombie party design. I just love how she made the blood bags, its such a cute idea! I also love the little zombie hands sticking out of the desserts.

Zombie Halloween theme table setting

3. Masquerade Party Theme

This one is probably my favorite themes on the list. It’s such an elegant theme and there are so many beautiful masks that you can wear. Take these masks from a party created by style me pretty.

Two black masquerade masks one for a female and one for a male

Check out this gorgeous wedding set-up from Ruffled for more masquerade party ideas. The table setting is beautiful with the matching gold mask and feather.

Gold masquerade mask with gold feather used from the plate setting

4. A Blast From The Past Party Theme Ex. 20’s or 80’s

There are so many different variations that you can try with this theme. You can throw a party from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, really any year you like or combine them all.

Starting in the 20’s VCDiy Decor and More created a Great Gatsby theme for their roaring 20’s party. It honestly looks just like the movie. Be sure to check out their post to get all the details on how to recreate it yourself.

Great Gatsby, 20's themed party table set-up

On to the 50’s The SITS Girls made this bright and fun retro party. The color combinations they used are perfect it really brings you back to that era.

50's retro table set-up

If you are looking for some 60’s inspiration check out Gummer Gal‘s party. Cocktails and bright colors with some mod styling, and next thing you know you’ve traveled back a few decades. I mean just look at this picture, it looks like it was actually taken in the 60’s.

60's Halloween party theme ideas

The era of disco balls and bell bottom pants, there is no denying that the 70’s was a fun time! Inspired By This created this bright 70’s disco party.

70's theme table setting

Last but certainly not least, we have the 80’s & 90’s. Bright legging, bodysuits and big hair, its the perfect theme for a fun and uplifting Halloween event. Club Crafted made this bright and beautiful cake, that look almost too good to eat!

80's theme cake

And check out this table setting from 100 Layer Cake. Those cookies cassette tapes almost look real!

80's theme table & plate setting

5. Saw Movie Halloween Theme

So I couldn’t actually find a whole lot for this theme and it was so surprising! The movie is super popular and definitely perfect for Halloween. Not only could you create creepy decorations, but you could come up with so many games to play. By taking a variation of traps that they have in the movie and creating them into timed games for your guests, it could be a lot of fun. I don’t personally know a lot of the traps used in the series since I only saw the first movie (way to gory for me), but I’m sure that there are a lot of DIY games you could come up with from it. I did however find some awesome costume and makeup ideas from Casa & Festa .

Saw movie makeup and costume

6. Day Of The Dead Halloween Theme

So I am a little embarrassed to admit that I really don’t know that much about this celebration, but I love the makeup and decorations that I have seen people create for it. I did read up on it a little bit while writing this article. Its an interesting holiday and one that coincides with Halloween therefore making it a great choice for your theme!

Why not bake some super cute Day of the Dead Halloween cupcakes for your party? Check out the recipe over at Baking A Moment.

Day of the Dead cupcakes

Or create this beautiful table setting made by Party Delights.

Day of the dead table set-up

7. Scream Movie Halloween Theme

Another classic horror movie sure to create a fright. The masks are easy enough to find, and if you take some inspiration from this party created by Catch My Party you are sure to wow your guests.

Scream movie table set-up

8. Game Of Thrones Halloween Party

I know that the series has already ended, but since it’s such a popular show I decided to include it on the list. Plus it would work great as a costume party.

You can make some pretty fancy Game of Throne snacks.

Or a fire cocktail created by Elle Talk. Pretty cool, am I right?

Fire Game Of Thrones cocktail

9. Stranger Things Halloween Party

Want a waffle food bar at your party? How about some Christmas lights? Combine both to make a Stranger Things Halloween Party. The example below was created by Kara’s Party Ideas and looks just like the movie.

Stranger Things Halloween Party Theme ideas

Want to add a cake to your party? This one from Hilda Jacobs 126 would make a super cute addition!

Stranger Things cake

10. Murder Mystery Party

Murder mystery parties are all the rage these days, and what a better night to have one than on Halloween? The cool thing about throwing a murder mystery party is that you can come up with all kinds of themes for it. Everything from a Clue murder mystery to a Nancy Drew detective party.

Love my dress went with the Clue theme and dressed up as the characters to make it even more fun. Be sure to visit, for all the details on how they set it up.

Clue murder mystery halloween party theme

Meanwhile Chris Loves Julia created a Gothic murder mystery theme, for those of you who prefer a creepier Halloween party.

Gothic murder mystery party

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