9 Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas For Him

Purchasing a gift for the man in your life? Well you have come to the right place! We will show you 9 different gift wrapping ideas just for him. Whether the gift is for your husband, boyfriend, father, brother, or son, adding a some masculinity to the wrapping paper gives it that little extra touch. 

Using earthy colors such as browns, tans, greens, and blues demonstrate a masculine vibe. Scandinavian style wrapping paper always works well, the simplicity combined with the contrast of dark vs light gives it a rugged look. Kraft paper is also an excellent choice. It can easily be dressed up with tags, ties, or patterns to make it the perfect gift for him.

1. Use Kraft Paper

The example below from konfettirausch demonstrates how something as simple as Kraft paper with black string and tags can look masculine yet elegant.

Gift wrapping ideas for him using kraft paper and back tags
Source: konfettirausch.de

2. Use Different Materials

Using different materials when wrapping adds character and a unique style. I love the way Silk And Willow use this navy scarf to create a beautifully wrapped gift.

Gift tied with a silk scarf
Source: silkandwillow.com

3. Seal it With a Wax Seal

This next one I LOVE! I don’t know what it is about wax seal’s but I think they look so elegant and refined. Plus the process itself is so cool. These wax seals from Shannon Westmeyer are beautiful and would be a perfect accessory for your future gifting needs.

Gift wrapping ideas for him - using a wax seal
Source: shannonwestmeyer.com

4. Add a Touch of Nature

The Sweetest Occasion used patterned Kraft paper, added pine and a striped ribbon to achieve this charming gift.

Gift wrapped with pine and ribbon
Source: thesweetestoccasion.com

5. Add a Thoughtful Note

I feel like the presents below from Ohhhmhhh are gender-neutral, but could definitely work for a man. I like how they incorporated the little notes and a touch of greenery.

Gift wrapping ideas for him- using a note on the front of it
Source: ohhhmhhh.com

6. Wrap it in Newspaper

I love the look of using old newspaper to wrap gifts, the added touch of the twine and tag really complete the look. Elizabeth Jones Designs created this beauty.

Gift wrapped in newspaper
Source: elizabethjonesdesigns.com

7. Create Your Own Wrapping Paper – Scandinavian Style

If you want to DIY your wrapping paper, it can be as simple as using a sharpie and drawing some shapes. The Beauty Dojo created this beautiful Scandinavian pattern that could be easily recreated.


Scandinavian style  DIY wrapping paper
Source: thebeautydojo.com


Scandinavian style  DIY wrapping paper
Source: thebeautydojo.com

8. Wrap it in Fabric – (also eco-friendly)

If you want to be eco-friendly another great idea is using fabric to wrap your gifts. This gorgeous navy wrapped gift from Tokyopic shows how something so simple can be beautiful and yet, still masculine.

Gift wrapping ideas for him - using fabric
Source: tokyopic.com

9. Make it into a Shirt

For the gift wrapping pro, you can create a paper shirt and tie that is guaranteed to impress your loved one. This is a super cute idea, but will take a bit more effort than some of the other ideas.

I hope you enjoyed these 9 creative gift wrapping ideas for him! If you have any suggestions feel free to leave them below.

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