10 Anniversary Trip Destinations Inspired By Romance Films

Have you ever watched a romantic movie and envisioned yourself in the plot? The one thing that romance movies have in common is that they always seem to find the most beautiful places to film. So to celebrate the day you met your soulmate, why not visit some of the most romantic places on earth. I have come up with a list of 10 romantic movies that were filmed in gorgeous locations, so that you can commemorate your real life love story in a fairy-tale setting.

1. Safe HAven – Southport & Wilmington North Carolina

Safe Haven a popular romantic, thriller written by Nicholas Sparks was filmed in the beautiful towns of Southport and Wilmington North Carolina. The entire time I watched this movie I couldn’t stop myself from wondering where this pretty little place was. It’s the perfect location to get away for your anniversary and spend some time relaxing in an adorable sea-side town.

2. About Time – Cornwall, England

If you are looking to travel overseas try the beautiful county of Cornwall, England. The filming location of the romantic movie About Time and an absolutely gorgeous location to celebrate an anniversary. With rolling green hills, gorgeous beaches, cobblestone paths and architecture, I don’t think you can get any more of a fairy-tale setting than this.

3. Pride & Prejudiced – Derbyshire, England

If you are a Jane Austin fan this anniversary trip is a must. Pride and Prejudice was filmed at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, England and you can spend a day of your vacation touring and dining there. Derbyshire has stunning countryside views and is the perfect location for a romantic anniversary trip.

4. Letters To Juliet – Verona, Italy

Letters to Juliet was filmed in charming Verona, Italy. Known as the city of love, it is the setting of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Verona boasts some of the most beautiful medieval architecture including the Verona arena, a preserved roman amphitheater still used today. It is a captivating, romantic destination for an anniversary.

5. The Notebook – Cypress Gardens, Moncks Corner, South Carolina

If you have never seen The Notebook, one of the most romantic scenes in the movie is where the couple floats in a canoe through a sea of birds. That scene was filmed at Cypress Gardens, in Moncks Corner, South Carolina. The scene is magical and so is the location, just check out the breathtaking views in the above video.

6. The Last Song – Tybee Island

Another Nicholas Spark’s movie for the list. All of his movies seem to be filmed at incredible locations and The Last Song is no exception. Filmed at Tybee Island, Georgia, the beach views rival some of the best I’ve seen. Can you imagine taking romantic walks down the pier and along the beach?

7. The Light Between Oceans – Tasmania, Australia

The Light Between Oceans was filmed in Otago and Marlborough, New Zealand as well as Tasmania, Australia. Although both Otago and Marlborough are beautiful locations, Tasmania is awe inspiring. The island has the most incredible views, inviting beaches and unparalleled cliffs. Its the kind of anniversary trip you can only dream of.

8. Me Before You – Pembrokeshire, Wales

Me Before You, was filmed in various historic locations throughout the United Kingdom, but one of the most enchanting was Pembroke Castle, in Wales. With staggering castles and lush, green countryside its an alluring anniversary destination.

9. P.S I Love You – Dublin & Wicklow Mountains

If you are a nature lover, this would be the anniversary destination for you. P.S I Love You was filmed in and around Dublin and Wicklow Mountains, in Ireland. The countryside is magnetic and would make for an anniversary trip of a lifetime.

10. Brokeback Mountain – Canmore, Alberta

BrokeBack Mountain is another film, with a beautiful filming location in Canmore, Alberta. Although set in the USA and with some filming locations in Texas, majority of the film was shot in Alberta. The picturesque mountains and emerald colored water are just some of the breathtaking views you will see. Trust me when I say the trip will be worth it, I use to live there, that’s me in the canoe below!

Anniversary trip ideas to canmore alberta

I really hope you enjoyed this list and found an anniversary destination! xo

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