16 Bridal Shower Gift Ideas That She Will Love And Use

Is your bestie getting married? Maybe it’s your sister or just a friend, regardless of who it is you’ll probably have to attend a bridal shower. If there’s no registry or you want to get a something more personalized, check out this unique list of bridal shower gifts. I searched high and low on the internet to find stylish, cute, and thoughtful gifts that any bride would love. So without further ado, I present the best 16 bridal shower gift ideas.

1. Personalized Gift Pack

personalized gift pack
Source: Etsy – My Handmade Wedding Co Shop

I love this gift pack from Etsy its stylish and beautiful filled with things the bride will actually need. A personalized mug may be the first thing she will see her new last name on, which can be super exciting. The pack also includes a gorgeous satin robe to wear on the wedding day, and a scrunchie for after the bachelorette party.

2. Sophisticated Luggage For The Honeymoon

Beis  luggage for bridal shower gift idea
Source: beis.com

Why not give the bride some new luggage to enjoy on her honeymoon? I absolutely love the line Beis, created by Shay Mitchell. I had seen a preview of it on social media and assumed that it would be ridiculously priced, but was surprised to find that the bags are affordable and gorgeous!

3. Jewelry For The Wedding Day

wedding jewelry for bridal shower gift
source: oliverandpiper.com

Another social media discovery for me was Olive and Piper. I discovered them a while ago, and frequent the website for their stunning jewelry designs. If you have never heard of them they are worth checking out, even if its just for yourself!

4. A Set Of Satin Pajamas

satin pjs
source: Etsy- LeRose Gifts

Perfect for the day of the wedding or the honeymoon, this set of satin pajamas would make a cute and practical gift for any bride. As a bonus you can get the brides initials added to the pajamas for a personal little touch.

5. Custom Hanger

custom hanger for wedding dress
Source: Etsy – Bride & Bow Shop

I just love these custom hangers! Its a perfect gift for the bridal shower because it can be used on the wedding day to hang her dress, and have pictures taken.

6. Jewelry Box

jewelry box
Source: katespade.com

Now that the bride has some new bling she will need a place to store it! This jewelry box from Kate Spade, is elegant, simple and has a lid so it can be used when travelling.

7. Sandals For The Honeymoon or A Destination Wedding

Source: Torrid.com

For this gift idea you would have to know the bride’s shoe size, but they are so pretty that it may be worth figuring it out! This would be a great gift for the bride to wear on her honeymoon or for a bride that has a destination wedding. I feel like they are even cute enough to worn by the bride at her wedding.

8. Bath Set

bath set for bridal shower gift idea
Source: bath&bodyworks.com

Every bride wants to smell good on her wedding day, plus wedding planning is stressful, and this bath set can give her some much needed relaxation! She can use it for the wedding, honeymoon and long after.

9. Custom Cutting Board

custom chopping board
Source: Etsy – Personalized Gift Box Store

More than half of this list is from Etsy, but its because they have such beautiful and unique gifts. Just like the custom cutting board pictured above. This would work great as part of a gift basket, with other kitchen items that the couple may need.

10. Robe For The Honeymoon

white lace robe
Source: victoriasecret.com

The bride will probably want to choose her own lingerie for the honeymoon, but this gorgeous white lace robe would make a great addition to her collection. It’s sold through Victoria Secret, under the brand name Love & Lemons. If you have never heard of them, they have beautiful pieces that you should definitely check out.

11. Personalized Sun Hat

custom sun hat bridal shower gift idea
Source: Etsy – Hooray Days Shop

Tropical destination anyone? A sun hat is the perfect gift. This one from Etsy allows you to customize it with the brides name or really anything that you would like it to say!

12. Honeymoon’in Sweatshirt

honey moonin sweatshirt
source: Etsy – November & Mae Shop

Gift the bride with some new clothes for her honeymoon with this adorable sweatshirt. I don’t know about you, but I can never have enough comfortable sweaters. This gift would be great for the bride’s honeymoon, but also for lazy around at home and bringing back good memories of their time away.

13. Custom Last Name Sign

family last name sign
source: Etsy – Spring Meadow Co Store

This is a great gift, not only for the bride, but her soon to be husband. It’s a beautiful family name sign that they can hang up in their home. The Etsy seller lets you customize the color, size and name so that you can create it to match the bride’s unique style.

14. Veil Weights

veil weights as bridal shower gift ideas
source: Etsy – Flora North Store

If the bride is planning on wearing a veil she may need some veil weights. These gorgeous ones from Etsy would make a great gift and one that you know the bride will need!

15. A Set Of MRS. Earrings

mrs earrings
source: kadespade.com

For another jewelry idea, you could gift the bride this adorable set of Mrs. earrings. Personally, I would buy the jewelry box and put these earring inside of it. I think it would be a cute idea and a nice little surprise for the bride when she opens the jewelry box.

16. Luggage Tags

luggage tags bridal shower gift ideas
source: Amazon – Eccolo World Traveler

Last but not least, these super cute luggage tags would make a great bridal shower gift and are budget friendly!

I hope you found this list helpful! Shopping is one of my favorite past-times so I love creating and sharing ideas for gifts. If you still haven’t found what you are looking for, check out this post on creating a laundry basket bridal shower gifts.

Make sure to tell me what you think in the comments below and if you would like more lists like this, just ask!

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